30 September 2012


An old classmate of mine contacted me on Facebook the other day with several questions about the church. I answered them as best I could, but the reason she asked me was because she knows I'm Mormon. She know I'm Mormon because I mentioned it several times during discussions in class last year. This is specifically why I try to incorporate the gospel into every day discussion: that others may know I'm Mormon and will feel comfortable coming to me with questions.

20 September 2012


One of my group members what I believe today. Before I can answer, she clarified by asking if I was religious. I said I was Mormon. Oddly enough, she knows very little about the church. She didn't even know about missionaries. We talked a bit about missions.

14 September 2012

Temple tours

A neighbour asked me about the temple the other day. He said he was wondering if they offered tours. I told him they don’t, but that in a city about 3 hours way, they have built a new temple, and they will be providing public tours shortly.