30 April 2012

Children taking care of a baby

We were discussing our children with our chiropractor today and how our two oldest sort of help out with the new baby. I mentioned that they were “fighting” with each other over who would watch the baby because I had to go teach seminary.

Manhattan Temple

A friend of mine is travelling to New York City. He posted on Facebook asking his friends what photos they would like for him to take for them. I asked for him to take a photograph of the Manhattan Temple.

25 April 2012

Buying food

A coworker had promised to buy our boss lunch. He had to go to the temple. I told her she should have gone with him because the food was cheap there.

24 April 2012


We had a baby this week. When I shared the story of his birth, I mentioned that we had gone to the temple the day before.

23 April 2012


Someone I know through a friend described me on Facebook as a progressive Mormon. I guess lots more people know I am member of the church now.

17 April 2012

Running water

A classmate is going to Africa and was talking about the lack of hot water. I have a friend in Africa on his mission, so I was talking about his experiences with running water as a missionary.

16 April 2012

Growing up LDS

A friend mentioned she grew up LDS, so she and I talked about our religious backgrounds.

10 April 2012


A friend of mine asked me about Easter services while we were taking the bus together. The conversation also led to our discussing when my family joined the church.