08 September 2016

Donating blood

While I was donating blood today, the phlebotomist drawing my blood asked if I had any plans for the evening. It just so happened that our stake is hosting a stake social tonight, so I mentioned that I was going to that. She asked a bit about it and a bit about the location.

31 March 2013

Meeting with client

I was meeting with a client, and she mentioned how she grew up among Mormons, and that a group of her friends (including some Mormons) often did things together.

13 March 2013

Talking religion in a job interview

I was interviewing for a position with a faith-based non-profit organization. Somehow we ended up discussing a play I am directing later this year about Mormon pioneers.

14 January 2013

Mormons and guns

My neighbour arrived home at the same time I did, and after talking a bit, the subject of various Mormon sects came up. We talked about that for a little while. We also talked about Mormons and guns.

07 January 2013

Early mornings

After favouriting a friend’s tweet, she asked me what I was doing up so early (it was before 5:30). I told her I was subbing this week. She asked what grades, so I told her it was a Seminary class composed of sophomores and juniors.

29 November 2012


Was talking to a classmate about being tired and mentioned I have been up at 5:00 every morning this week. When she asked why, I mentioned I was using the extra time to study and teach. When she asked what I taught, I told her I taught Seminary.

25 November 2012

Presenting Mormonism to the class

In class today, we were split into three groups ,each discussing either Catholicism, Mormonism, or Protestantism. When the teacher asked for volunteers for people to lead the groups, I volunteered to do Mormonism, and used it as a chance to announce to the class I was Mormon. Our group talked about various aspects of Mormonism for about half an hor and then presented our discussion points to the class.