29 November 2012


Was talking to a classmate about being tired and mentioned I have been up at 5:00 every morning this week. When she asked why, I mentioned I was using the extra time to study and teach. When she asked what I taught, I told her I taught Seminary.

25 November 2012

Presenting Mormonism to the class

In class today, we were split into three groups ,each discussing either Catholicism, Mormonism, or Protestantism. When the teacher asked for volunteers for people to lead the groups, I volunteered to do Mormonism, and used it as a chance to announce to the class I was Mormon. Our group talked about various aspects of Mormonism for about half an hor and then presented our discussion points to the class.

24 November 2012

United Order

I was visiting with someone today, and we got on the subject of the United Order, so it was an opportunity to talk about that

17 November 2012

Islam and Word of Wisdom

I was having a conversation with someone today who asked me if I drink coffee from a popular coffee shop. When I told him no, he asked if I don’t drink coffee from there or if I don’t drink coffee at all. I told him I never drink coffee. When he asked why, I told him it was because of my religion. It gave us a chance to talk about the Word of Wisdom and Muslim dietary laws (he is Muslim).

30 September 2012


An old classmate of mine contacted me on Facebook the other day with several questions about the church. I answered them as best I could, but the reason she asked me was because she knows I'm Mormon. She know I'm Mormon because I mentioned it several times during discussions in class last year. This is specifically why I try to incorporate the gospel into every day discussion: that others may know I'm Mormon and will feel comfortable coming to me with questions.

20 September 2012


One of my group members what I believe today. Before I can answer, she clarified by asking if I was religious. I said I was Mormon. Oddly enough, she knows very little about the church. She didn't even know about missionaries. We talked a bit about missions.

14 September 2012

Temple tours

A neighbour asked me about the temple the other day. He said he was wondering if they offered tours. I told him they don’t, but that in a city about 3 hours way, they have built a new temple, and they will be providing public tours shortly.

19 June 2012

Stake plays

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted, and now I have forgotten the opportunities that have taken place. Here’s a recent one.

After rehearsal tonight, I was chatting with a co-actor about directing (she is a drama teacher and directs a play each spring). I told her about my desire to direct a church play, and she asked which church I belong to. Of course, I told her The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

30 April 2012

Children taking care of a baby

We were discussing our children with our chiropractor today and how our two oldest sort of help out with the new baby. I mentioned that they were “fighting” with each other over who would watch the baby because I had to go teach seminary.

Manhattan Temple

A friend of mine is travelling to New York City. He posted on Facebook asking his friends what photos they would like for him to take for them. I asked for him to take a photograph of the Manhattan Temple.

25 April 2012

Buying food

A coworker had promised to buy our boss lunch. He had to go to the temple. I told her she should have gone with him because the food was cheap there.

24 April 2012


We had a baby this week. When I shared the story of his birth, I mentioned that we had gone to the temple the day before.

23 April 2012


Someone I know through a friend described me on Facebook as a progressive Mormon. I guess lots more people know I am member of the church now.

17 April 2012

Running water

A classmate is going to Africa and was talking about the lack of hot water. I have a friend in Africa on his mission, so I was talking about his experiences with running water as a missionary.

16 April 2012

Growing up LDS

A friend mentioned she grew up LDS, so she and I talked about our religious backgrounds.

10 April 2012


A friend of mine asked me about Easter services while we were taking the bus together. The conversation also led to our discussing when my family joined the church.

23 March 2012


A friend of mine emailed me out of the blue asking about the priesthood. She was looking for sources for a paper she is working on. I sent her links to mormon.org and lds.org.

15 March 2012


A friend was giving me a rid to school and offered to buy me a coffee. I said I would prefer a hot chocolate. He asked if I was Mormon. I said yes.

30 January 2012

Writing plays

I was talking to a classmate, who revealed she is a returned missionary, but that she is no longer a member of the church. She said she has written a play about missionaries. I told her about an idea I have for a play about missionaries. I also told her how I’d like to head up in our stake annual or semi-annual plays when I am done school. She said she’d be happy to help me out with that.

19 January 2012

Graduate studies

I was talking with a friend about maybe going into graduate studies. She asked what topic I want to do and I said I was thinking of combining women studies and Mormon studies.

17 January 2012

Heated seats

A friend and I were talking about heated car seats, and I shared an experience I had when one of my bishops had heated seats in his car

13 January 2012

Angel Moroni

A friend of mine sent me a link about the construction of a nearby temple. Apparently, they are going to top it with the Angel Moroni soon. He wants to go to the open house.

He has a really cool, laid-back opinion of the church.

12 January 2012

Coming into class late

I was talking with a friend on the bus about people coming into class late, and shared some experiences as a seminary teacher

09 January 2012

Prayer & sleep

Someone was asking me about sleep today, and I told her I got little because my toddler woke up screaming in the middle of the night about her older sister saying the pray instead of her.