29 October 2011

Being Catholic

A classmate shared with me her story about becoming Catholic. I thought it was a good opportunity to mention I was baptized Catholic.

11 October 2011

Seminary. Again.

I had another opportunity to bring up seminary, but this time to someone on the bus. We were talking about what time we get up in the morning, and she was surprised at how early I get up. I told her, I teach a  seminary class in the morning.

Compared to the last opportunity I had to bring up seminary, this conversation was more in-depth, but still fairly superficial.

09 October 2011

Teaching investigators

I was asked to teach the elders quorum lesson today. It was on the Spirit World, and I think it went well. We had some visitors who were of another faith, and they asked some great questions. I enjoyed visiting with them after class (together with the ward mission leader) to answer some other questions they had.