27 July 2011

Word of Wisdom & Caffeine

Someone in class had seen a photo of me drinking caffeinated pop, and asked about Mormons being able to drink caffeine. I told her caffeine isn’t off-limits, but that coffee and tea are, and that they both happen to have caffeine in them.

26 July 2011

Judging the poor

In a class discussion about giving to panhandlers, I said I believe God judges us not by what is done with the money we give to those who beg for it, but whether we simply give.

20 July 2011

Sacrament Meeting

In class today, my discussion group were talking about the difference between services at the Catholic and Pentecostal churches. I used this as an opportunity to explain the differences between typical LDS Sacrament Meetings and a Protestant meeting I attended a few years ago, focusing on how uncomfortable it made me because it was something outside of my norm.

17 July 2011


I received an email from someone I know asking about the local temple. I used this as an opportunity to explain at a fundamental level what happens there, as well as outlining some of the symbolism in the architecture of the temple.

13 July 2011

Iced tea & the Word of Wisdom

I made a comment on Facebook about missing iced tea, and a friend responded indicating he had no idea it was restricted. I used this opportunity to explain tea is restricted despite what temperature it was.