28 November 2011

Cult prophets

A friend of mine did a tour of cult sites in Utah, and was talking to me about it yesterday. Several of the cults he visited believed in a prophetic type figures, and it led into a brief discussion of LDS prophets.

I invited him to our ward Christmas party.

Sharing mission experiences

Someone asked me over the weekend about what it was like to serve a mission in Utah. I used that as an opportunity to share a few experiences with them.

26 November 2011

Book of Mormon musical

Someone asked me tonight, knowing I am Mormon and a drama student, what I thought of the Book of Mormon musical, so I gave my opinion.

Airport security

While sitting in the green room after the play tonight, someone mentioned being old enough to remember going through airports before security was a big deal. I remembered a story about airport security from when I was coming home from my mission, and I shared it.

22 November 2011

Working Sundays

I couldn’t help out with the play yesterday, it being Sunday. The Stage Manager came up to me today and asked why Mormons can’t do things like this on Monday. I found that question interesting because I had no idea anyone in the cast or technical crew knew I was a member of the church.

Anyhow, I told him Sundays to Mormons is like Saturdays to Jews.

04 November 2011

Temple Desktop

A classmate noticed the desktop background image on my laptop is of the local temple. She asked me if it was the Mormon temple. It was a short conversation, but she knows I’m a member.

03 November 2011

Family History

A classmate of mine started talking about Jean-Baptiste Landé, and I mentioned I have a lot of Jean-Baptises in my genealogy. We talked about family history for a bit.

01 November 2011

Are you Christian?

Our instructor asked who among us was a Christian. I stuck up my hand. How can it get better than that?