06 August 2011

Why I share the gospel in everyday conversation

Some of my readers might ask why I try to take advantage of opportunities in everyday conversation to mention the LDS Church. I actually do it for two reasons:

First, I’m a bit quirky. Whatever stereotypes people have about Mormons, I guarantee I don’t fit them. As a result, if people know I am Mormon, they might change any stereo types they might have about us.

Second, it’s sort of about personal branding. If I regularly mention the church in passing, eventually when someone wants to know more, they will come to me and ask. This has happened a few times.

I never try to be overbearing or evangelical. I just try to let the conversation take its natural course. If it fizzles out, I let it go, even if there is more I want to say.


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    I have enjoyed your blog for several years.